Wearables vs. Implantables: The UX Showdown


This session took place on October 22, 2020 / 01:00 PM CST.

Product Creation Studio
Chief Technology Officer

Scott Thielman

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As the point of care continues to shift toward the home, OEM's and caregivers are carefully considering how to put more care in a patient's hands. Wearables and implantables are both logical options to help manage care outside of a clinical setting. Both have advantages — and drawbacks. Implantables typically require surgical placement which can make them less attractive. But, while wearables may offer a less invasive option, proper use by the patient is critical and can be hard to ensure. Join us to discuss the user-centered design considerations that might drive a product solution to be implanted or worn. Topics covered included: Case studies of implantable and wearable solutions Pros and cons of deploying each type of device How to approach these forward-looking design applications